Board of Directors

Terms of Reference

The Board of Directors leads Momiji Health Care Society (Momiji) according to the organization’s vision, mission and values. The Board ensures that Momiji continually reflects and responds to the needs of the community and reaches its goals as an organization.  As trustee, the Board oversees the proper management of Momiji.

Specifically the Board is responsible for:

  • Developing and approving our vision, mission and values in partnership with staff and strategic priorities of the organization
  • Approving short- and long-range plans for the organization to enable it to carry out its goals
  • Ensuring appropriate processes and systems are in place
  • Reviewing and approving capital and operating budgets
  • Ensuring that the assets of Momiji and all public funds are used with integrity
  • Representing Momiji to the community
  • Listening and responding to the community’s needs and concerns
  • Monitoring and supporting the work of Momiji


(As elected September 15, 2015)

Pam Waintraub

Pam Waintraub,

Donna Davis

Donna Davis,
Vice Chair

Dereck Oikawa

Dereck Oikawa,

Michael Doi

Michael Doi,
Corporate Secretary

Elaine Aimone

Elaine Aimone,
LHIN Advisor

Sandra Miike

Sandra Miike,
Past Chair

June Asano

June Asano,

Gayle Cali

Gayle Cali,

Yoshiko Dutczak

Yoshiko Dutczak,

Susan Hidaka

Susan Hidaka,

Steven Kodama

Steven Kodama,

Mayumi Maemura

Mayumi Maemura,

Sumit Raybardhan

Sumit Raybardhan,

Elaine Ryoji

Elaine Ryoji,

Dr. Fred Sunahara

Dr. Fred Sunahara,
Honorary Director

Ann Ashley,
Special Advisor