Client Health & Safety

Client Health & Safety

Momiji understands that different people have varying needs and those with disabilities can require extra support.  To address these needs, Momiji has ensured its services and environment are accessible, flexible and person-centred; making it compliant with the Accessibilities for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

Specifically, Momiji ensures that:

  • Trained and knowledgeable staff and volunteers can provide information and services to people with disabilities;
  • Service delivery is timely, courteous, fair, efficient and offered with respect for needs, privacy and convenience to people with disabilities;
  • Information regarding planned and unplanned disruptions in services usually used by persons with disabilities is posted both on the premises and on our website, as well as provided verbally by staff; and
  • Information and documents are available upon request in multiple formats and methods of communication to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of persons with disabilities.

View Momiji’s AODA policy.

View Momiji’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan.

For more information on how Momiji can support your family member with their accessibility needs, please contact us:

Momiji Health Care Society
3555 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON  M1M 3W4
Attn:  AODA


Phone:         416.261.6683 x 249

Service Disruptions at Momiji

Momiji is committed to ensure its clients and visitors are aware of any service disruptions which may present challenges to accessibility. Clients will be informed about all known disruptions by information posted on our website as well as verbal and written notifications.