Opening ceremony ribbon cutting

Opening ceremony ribbon cutting

Momiji Health Care Society (Momiji) is the realization of a vision shared by its founders Mary and Roger Obata, Kazuo Oiye, Roy Shinobu, Fred Sasaki and Dr. Fred Sunahara.  Momiji was established in 1978 as a not-for-profit, charitable organization for the Issei – the first generation of Japanese immigrants who came to eastern Canada – and specifically those who settled in the Toronto area post WWII.

The initial program of Momiji was a Drop-In Centre, located at St. Christopher House, at Queen St. West and Bathurst Street, in downtown Toronto.  Over the past 35 years we have grown to become the premier organization offering a wide range of services for seniors, for Nisei and post war immigrants, all over the Greater Toronto area and throughout southern Ontario.

In 1992, after 14 years of raising funds and awareness, meeting with all levels of government, securing a building site and developing architectural plans, the doors opened at the newly constructed Momiji Centre.

In 1998, a beautiful Japanese garden was established in celebration of Momiji’s 20th anniversary.  The warmth of natural materials such as wood and stone, the sound of flowing water, the sunlight pouring through the Japanese maples that overlook the garden and patio all contribute to a sense of harmony and makes Momiji a joyful place.

In 2009, Momiji was given the distinct honour of hosting their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan during their tour of Canada.  Today, Momiji has built strong relationships with many partners in the circle of care of its seniors and is recognized among community service organizations and hospitals for its efficient delivery of high-quality services.