Japonica Live & Online

2024 Japonica Live Date: Saturday, October 19th!

Event Description

As a hub for the Japanese-Canadian community, Momiji often receives donations of Japanese goods, such as kimono, dishes, dolls, games, and so much more. The resale of these items not only raises much-needed funds for Momiji, but ensures that they continue to be treasured, rather than being thrown away. Many of these items are vintage and second-hand, which only adds to their value.

How to Participate

COME & SHOP! There is no better event in Toronto to find such a wide variety of quality second-hand Japanese goods! Many of the volunteers working with the items are knowledgeable enough that you might learn something too!

VOLUNTEER! Salespeople must have a knowledge of some aspect of Japanese culture, or a strong desire to learn, however there are other volunteer roles too! Greeters, counters, parking attendants, and so on are always needed for large events like Japonica. If you are interested in volunteering, please call 416.261.6683, ext. 234 for our Volunteer Services Manager or ext. 224 for our Volunteer Coordinator. For email enquiries: volunteering@momiji.on.ca.

DONATE! Momiji accepts donations of Japanese items year-round. When possible, please carefully pack your items in boxes with lids, so they can be stacked easily for storage. To enquire about donating Japanese items, please email fundraising@momiji.on.ca.

Japonica Online

If you can’t make Japonica Live, don’t despair! With Japonica Online, you can shop our collection anytime, anywhere.