Host Your Own Event

Combine your passion for event planning and interests to raise vitally needed funds for Momiji Health Care Society.  The choices are almost endless – from garage and bake sales to car washes, BBQs and fashion shows, just to name a few. You could even host a reception or dinner in your home and encourage your guests to make a donation to Momiji.

Be sure to contact our Economic Development and Donor Relations office as part of your early planning at or 416.261.6683 x 259 or 260. We are here to help and upon approval of your idea, we can provide you with our logo for your printed material and we can promote your event on our website and Facebook.

Event Ideas

  • A cup of Green Tea can really make a difference Ask family, friends and colleagues to donate the value of one cup of green tea every week for a set time period (e.g. one month, three months, six months, a year, etc.).Reach out to retailers that serve green tea/coffee (Starbucks/Tim Hortons/Second Cup) to donate their products as an incentive for your top fundraisers.  Please note it is important to offer your sponsoring retailer exclusivity.Potential Fundraising Goal$3.00 per cup of green tea
    50 participants
    3 month duration (13 weeks)
    $1,950 Total Funds Raised
  •  Momiji Giving Circles
    1. Assemble a group of 25 or more of your friends, family, neighbourhoods, classmates, work colleagues, church group, etc.
    2. The group meets four times a year either in person or virtually with the intent to:
      • Become informed on the current issues surrounding elder care and to collectively decide how to have a direct impact in addressing the issues; and
      • Raise the funds needed to make a direct impact.
    3. The group makes an annual commitment to raise $XXXX by having each group member commit to donate a pre-determined set amount at each meeting. For example each member donates $50 at each meeting making an annual commitment of $200.
    4. At each meeting members are presented with two to three Momiji funding projects that address relevant elder care issues (5-15 minutes). The group spends the rest of the meeting discussing which project is to receive the group’s pooled funds.
    5. At the very next meeting Momiji will report back on the progress of the funded project, prior to pitching its next projects.
    6. Momiji will issue one tax receipt to each group member at the end of the four meetings.Potential Fundraising Goal
      $50 commitment at each meeting
      50 Giving Circle members
      4 meetings per year
      $10,000 Total Annual Funds Raised

How To Register Your Event

Please complete Momiji’s Third Party Fundraising Application and submit to  If you have any questions call 416.261.6683 x 259 or 260.  Third Party Fundraising Application