Momiji - Respect for our seniors


for our seniors

Momiji - DIGNITY for our seniors


for our seniors
Independence For Our Seniors


for our seniors

Momiji Health Care Society LIVE & VISIT

Since opening in 1992, Momiji has been home to close to 400 tenants who have remained independent an average of 10 years longer than any other supportive housing facility in Ontario.

Momiji Health Care Society CARE

Momiji means maple in Japanese, and just as the maple is most beautiful in the fall, our autumn years can be brilliant too. Momiji’s philosophy of care is based on respect, dignity and independence for our seniors.

Momiji Health Care Society PARTICIPATE

Our generous donors and hard-working volunteers have been pivotal in Momiji Health Care Society becoming one of the best examples of elder care in the country.

Momiji Health Care Society ACTIVE LIVING

Momiji’s Seniors Active Living Centre (SALC) offers Momiji tenants and seniors living in the community with activities that are educational, physical, recreational, and social, with many reflecting the richness of participants’ unique Japanese Canadian heritage.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities