Eric Hong’s Resignation Announcement

To our friends, colleagues and community of interest.

I regret to inform you that I will be leaving the role of Chief Executive Officer of Momiji Health Care Society. My last day of work at Momiji will be Oct 6th 2023.

It has been an honor and pleasure serving Momiji over the past five years. I am grateful for the unfailing support of the Board and the dedication of the staff alongside whom I have endeavored to advance the Momiji mission in service of older adults of Japanese descent. I have experienced great challenges and tremendous satisfaction in equal parts and will fondly remember this episode of my career.

The Board of Directors is working on a transition plan towards recruiting and appointing my successor. An interim arrangement will be put in place should that not be concluded by the time of my departure and communicated to all concerned

Yours sincerely.

Eric W. Hong MSW, MHSc, CHE

Chief Executive Officer Momiji Health Care Society